Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja 1.6

Go crazy with a sword and a load of fruit


  • Great graphics
  • Awesome sound effects
  • Fun gameplay


  • Very repetitive

Very good

Fruit Ninja is a dangerously addictive skill game in which the object is simply to slice up as much fruit as you can.

Essentially the only thing you need to do in Fruit Ninja is to swipe your finger across the screen to wield your sword. You must slice every piece of fruit that is thrown up from the bottom of the screen. If you miss a piece before it falls back off the screen, you lose a life. Likewise, if you touch one of the rogue bombs that come flying up, you lose a life too.

The look and feel of Fruit Ninja is excellent. From the realistic splat sound of pineapples being hacked open to the fact that all menu icons must be selected by slicing them, the attention to detail in Fruit Ninja is something to behold.

Fruit Ninja is one of those games that feels too rewarding to play. The feeling of slicing fruit is so satisfying that it keeps you coming back for more and more, in an effort to beat your high score.

The game includes several different game modes, such as Zen mode (without bombs), multiplayer and arcade mode. There's also a Sensy's Swag section, where you can upgrade your blade.

If you don't want to pay for Fruit Ninja, then check out Fruit Ninja Lite, which gives you some of the features of the full game for free.

If you're looking for a fun game of skill to kill some time, Fruit Ninja Lite is an excellent choice.

Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja 1.6

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